Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Janlokpal Campaign Catches Fire

The Janlokpal bill has caught fever against the people of India. The spirits of people are very high. We are very close to achieve the goal. This is definitely one of the very important steps that are needed to empower the Country!
                As per data about corruption published by Transparency International in 2010, India ranks 87th in the world. The ills of corruptions do not need an explanation. India got its independence in 1947 and is now among top five biggest economies in the world. However the fact that the country has become the fifth largest economy is not of help to poor and middleclass. The people of the country are still very far from the basic amenities. The infrastructure of the country is very poor. The people have to face corruption since the birth till death. The inflation for grocery items has been hovering in two digit figures in last one year despite of good agricultural produce. The only reason behind it is corruption. If we get rid of corruption, we shall solve 50% of our problems. Everybody knew this, but did not know how to do it? It was not ordinary job. It needed a great leadership, a great thought, rich knowledge and the will.
                In  such situation Anna Hajare, a Gandhian from Ralegan Siddhi a village in Maharashtra has done this ominous task of bringing all the country together and uniting voice of  all the people, giving it direction. The lokpal bill drafted by the government is a sick effort to deceive the people of India. Despite of the fact that Anna Hajare and his team fasted in April, the government has been adamant in pushing its own agenda over Lokpal bill. The opposition, weak and equally negative about concept of Lokpal did not take strong stand against government proposed Lokpal bill. The very attitude of congress leaders suggest that their only agenda is to cheat the people. However the government’s belief that common man has turned a deaf ear to the government has been proven wrong  by Anna and his team. The people of India have stopped going by the attitude of Chalata Hai. This fire which has been waiting inside the youth of the country for years has now spread across the country. And it has been proven that the people of India are not lacking the conscience or the will but the leadership, the direction.
                Many people and politicians argue that Anna has been leading the campaign in undemocratic way. However the people forget the very fact that The democracy is a concept and the important reason of Democracy being in place is the people. If democracy is not able to bring the results for people then we must change the tenets of democracy. I have only one question to the people who call this campaign undemocratic, are the congress leaders following the conventions of democracy? If so why are they pushing for the bill which most of the country has been opposing? Why did they jailed Anna even before he started his fast? The fact is that the campaign is a best democratic approach to get rid of Corruption outside parliament.
The lokpal bill drafted by government does not address the concerns of the common man. It has been drafted in such a way that it helps politicians and elites. The people of India understand it well and they have come on roads to fight for their cause. On the other hand government is adamant on its stand, indicting the people who are protesting against them. In a way government itself is adding the fuel to the fire it wants to doze. Team Anna has declared August 30 to be a D-day in case the government  does not take appropriate steps.  The massive support from People and Media will ensure that the Campaign does not stop short of achieving its goal. The War against corruption has begun, and the victory is not far!

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